How to Reduce Monthly Expenses and Pay off Debt

Cut Down Transportation Costs


-Use public transit

-Sell your car

-Take proper care of your car (oil checks, tires, etc…)

Control Your Debt

-Consider consolidating student loans

-Create automatic debt repayment plans

-Keep current on all bills

-Refinance house/ car

-Request credit card rate reductions

-Sell unnecessary items

-Transfer balance if possible to a 0% APR card

Reduce Energy Bills

-Air seal your house

-Invest in a programmable thermostat

-Reduce hot water heater temperature

-Replace old light bulbs with LED/ CFL bulbs

-Unplug electrical devices when not in use

-Use power strips

-Use timers

Decrease Entertainment Costs

-Cancel memberships you don’t need or don’t use every day

-Discover cheaper entertainment (ie. Netflix)

-Reduce or cancel your cable bill

-Reduce or eliminate unnecessary services

-Stop magazine/ newspaper subscriptions

Decrease Food Expenses

-Buy generic food when possible

-Consider building a small home garden

-Cook and bring lunch to work

-Purchase non-perishables in bulks

-Stop eating out/ take-out

-Take advantage of coupons

Reduce Insurance Bills

-Decrease homeowners insurance

-Increase your deductible amounts if you rarely make claims

-Research life insurance prior to signing up for anything

-Opt out for basic health insurance

-Shop around for auto insurance

Reduce or Eliminate Extras

-Discover cheaper child care options

-Reduce cell phone bill

-Reduce organized/ club child activities

-Relocate to a cheaper area

-Stop smoking/ drinking

-Stop outsourcing cleaning, laundry, grooming, etc…



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